Review Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 11/17/2022 - 5:30 PM
Type: Action
Subject: 5.3 2022/2023 Salary Schedule - Miscellaneous Pay Schedule (Revised November 2022)
Comprehensive School Improvement Plan:
2022 - 2023 Business
Proactively and responsibly manage district growth, finances, and support services to improve student achievement.
2022 - 2023 Community (Staff)
Attract, retain, and develop a high quality staff.
Enclosure Miscellaneous Pay Schedule 2022/2023 (Revised November 2022)
File Attachment:
Miscellaneous Pay Schedule 2022-23 (Revised November 2022).pdf
Summary: The attached 2022/2023 Miscellaneous Pay Schedule has been revised (November 2022) as follows:

Additions to the 22/23 AST District Teams:

Academic Senate
Avid Site Team
Classroom Coverage - added the wording, “(during plan time)”
Curriculum Work - removed the word “Work” and updated the wording to “Curriculum Council Member”
Curriculum Council Member Meetings
District Liaison Member
District Liaison Member Meetings
New Teacher District Facilitator
New Teacher District Facilitator Meetings
Teacher Mentor Lead - wording revised to “Mentor to New Teacher”
Mentor to New Teacher Meetings
Mentee/New Teacher
PDC Meetings - wording revised to “Professional Development Committee (PDC) Meetings”
Real World Learning Action Team
Student Teacher Mentor - revised to “Cooperating Teacher to Student Teacher”
Technology Integration Lead
Technology Integration Lead Meetings

Removed from the AST District Teams (no longer teams):

Cohort Facilitators
Learning Academy Participants
Learning Academy Facilitators
Topic Study Facilitators
Topic Study Host Teachers
Recommendation: It is recommended the Board of Education approve the 2022/2023 Miscellaneous Pay Schedule (Revised November 2022) as submitted.
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Vicki Diggs - Secretary to the Board of Education
Signed By:
Dr. Rob Gardner - Assistant Superintendent
Signed By:
Dr. Jay Harris - Superintendent of Schools
Vote Results:

Original Motion
Member Shawn Chiddix Moved, Member Karen Bryant seconded to approve the Original motion 'It is recommended the Board of Education approve the 2022/2023 Miscellaneous Pay Schedule (Revised November 2022) as submitted.'. Upon a Roll-Call Vote being taken, the vote was: Aye: 5 Nay: 0.
The motion Carried 5 - 0
Buffy Smith     Yes
Doug Doll     Yes
Bobby Vann     Yes
Karen Bryant     Yes
Shawn Chiddix     Yes